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Down to earth and ambitious African artist Pompi, born and raised in the real of Africa, Zambia; has always had a great love for music, arts and figuring out his purpose on earth. He aims to deliver a strong message through his intellectual creativity. His artistic form is unrivalled; he brings a new feel to an industry not yet so recognized to the world. African hip hop/urban music is on the rise with a new face of young artist who are representing Africa and their faith.  

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New songs from Pompi's discography.

People Like Us

People Just Like Us

People Just Like Us - Play .mp3 -----> Download .Zip -----> Download .mp3 - 6.72MB


Simpulified - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download via SpeedyShare - 4.24MB

Peace Be Still

Peace Be Still - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download via SpeedyShare - 4.90MB

Artist's Songs

Songs from Pompi's discography.



Zuhile - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .Zip - 4.60MB


GO - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .Zip - 4.70MB

Giant Killer

Giant Killer - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 6.17MB

No Rent feat. Mag44

No Rent - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 7.44MB



Packaging - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.65MB