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His been known for his killer beats, creative direction, knockout punchlines and minister of the Gospel, a Gospel Activist. Prior to his conversion, Magnus "Mag44" Mando, was an upcoming hip hop artist with a love of crazy word play, but after his conversion his been known mostly for his crazy productions like Fyn Fyn Boy and Chikondi for Tio, Bana Ba Kwa Lesa and I Gat Game for Mandiva, Nyamula Manja for Gospel Activist plus many more, too many to mention. However, very few people knew this Zambian producer was as gifted on the MIC.

So retunes caught up with him last year to bring you a killer track called Vichani, which speaks of our identity of being God's children. Vichani played all over airwaves in Zambia, got crazy downloads on retunes and alot of love from fans that Mag44 never thaught he After unleashing the single he decided to finish off what God started by now releasing a music video for the track. :) its a killer,lol. So retunes has just managed to give you all the proof you need to know that Mag44 is now back on the MIC:)

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you and presenting to others Mag44's retunes page:) keep it locked right here for all updates on the brother.

Latest Singles

New songs from Mag44's discography.

People Like Us

People Just Like Us

People Just Like Us - Play .mp3 -----> Download .Zip -----> Download .mp3 - 6.72MB

I Found Love - Feat. Nalu

I Found Love - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 5.14MB

Artist's Songs

Songs from Mag44's discography.


More To You ft. Pompi & Tasha

More To You - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 3.04MB

Dance Before You Sit

Dance Before You Sit - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 2.98MB

Apologize ft. Sho Baraka

Apologize - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 3.57MB

Bulandi New ft. Recho

Bulandi New - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.72MB

#P2BA This Is Home ft. Tio, 2Lane, Mag44, KBG

#P2BA This Is Home - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.66MB

One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .Zip - 4.74MB


GO - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .Zip - 4.70MB

Lusaka City

Lusaka City - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .Zip - 5.61MB

Shipikisha Club

Shipikisha Club - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .Zip - 6.71MB

Me I Beat ft. Esther Phiri

Me I Beat - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .Zip - 4.38MB

Pwililika ft. Karen

Pwililika ft. Karen - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.35MB


Takwaba ft. Mubanga - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.40MB

Tima Iziba

Tima Iziba - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 3.60MB


Vichani - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 6.40MB

New Music Video Sky High

Ruyonga ft. Mag44.

Music Video Salvation Niweka Reloaded

Seth ft. Ben Blazer, Mag44, Abel Chungu, Sobre & Damiano.

Music Video Chipolopolo Africa

Mag44, Tio, Pompi, Abel Chungu.

A prophetic word, when christians stand up and unite and call out to God... He hears our cry, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." #teamUnitiy, the moment these artists, producers, video directors, crews, and everyone who stood behind the Zambian football team in prayer and support got together in unity and spoke faith in the Zambian team, God heard our cry and saw our unity and where we gathered there He was. #teamUnitingAfrica. This video and song are a sign of the faith we have in our God who has used music and this years Africa Cup to unite the country of Zambia and Africa.

Check this video our and support the movement of #teamUnitingAfrica... and a big shout out Ground Xero and MT Productions for a job well done on the video. Aweeeeeeesoooooommmmmmme... It's retunes:)

Music Video Vichani

Mag44 has finally released his debut killer music video...

Zambia has unleashed one of its favourite rapper/producer, Magnum44's, debut music video for a hit track called Vichani. This crazy video was done by Ground Xero and directed by one of the most talented video producer/rapper Kenny "Kenny Roc" Mumba the man behind vdeos like Tio's Chikondi. Vichani feature another crazy musician who goes by the name of Pompi, who has taken the Zambian industry by storm.