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The lyricist is the most inspirational and influential hip hop artist to the youths and young adults that are seeking true purpose and direction for their lives.

Nominated for best hip hop video award during the national Born ‘n’ Bred awards in 2009 and it was in that same year that his music got him the leading role in a short soundtrack movie called zedcrew ( nominated for best hip hop during the Chapro awards in 2010.Zedcrew features Original music from The Lyricist and it received international recognition as it was selected to premier at the Directors fortnight during the Cannes movie festival in May 2010 and at the international movie festival of Rotterdam between January and February 2011. 

With two albums to his name, the debut being Soul-lid (16 tracks) and the new one called Word of liberty (13 tracks), The Lyricist has grown in popularity and has gained the confidence of his fans. The lyricist has featured in the hype magazine which is South Africa’s number one hip hop magazine and an online magazine in Atlanta which covered both his musical and acting career. He recently was part of Zambia’s all stars track called bana bakwa lesa which is on heavy rotation on channel O

If Bob Marley did hip hop, this is the music we would rock to, a sound that is current and driven by a positive message that cuts across boarders. His catchy hooks and deep concepts has resulted in a performance in France during the Cannes 2010, an invitation to perform in Malawi and a lot of appearances/performances at concerts, schools, universities, churches, clubs, shopping malls, hotels, malls, neighbor hoods within Zambia. The Lyricist has appeared on national television for interviews and performances, has featured on radio France international (rfi) and on all local radio stations. he also appeared on BBC(talking movies), Reuters, Russian culture, Swiss channel, CBC T.V, Euro T.V, and Afro Buzz 

As an African rapper he is growing his fan base with a unique and energetic style of rap and performance,he has shared the stage with dove and Grammy nominee artist called Flame from the US and also performed twice alone side U.S.A rapper pettidee, also he has done a track with Malawian rapper called the Gospel and recently performed at his launch in Lilongwe Malawi.His lyrical content is inspiring and relevant to society hence the love and respect he gets from him family friend and fans.His passion and love for God keeps him focused and resilient. 

The lyricist has contributed to the local society by collaborating with YEN (youth environmental network) Zambia on several activities which include tree planting, having talks which schools on environmental issues that affect use and how to manage our environment.

Artist's Songs

Songs from Lyricist's discography.

40 Days 40 Nights

40Days 40 Nights - Feat. B-Ice

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Ka Mwana - Feat. V & B-Ice

Ka Mwana - Play .mp3 -----> Download .Zip -----> Download .mp3 - 6.38MB


Namayo - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.51MB


Director - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.30MB

Latest O Greatest

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