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Born and raised in the warm heart of AFRICA MALAWI where he has learnt alot about life. along the way he took rapping as a means of communicating his mind....It wasnt until 2007 that his hobby became a passion after He was redeemed by JESUS CHRIST. 

At 19 years old he attended a Christian conference (Youth Festival) at Blantyre Baptist Church and heard David Kalilani sharing his testimony about his turn Around.. At that moment he felt like the chair he was sittin on was goin to drop down into hell because he realised how sinful he was and how he kept on following the things of this world and not following the creator of the World HIMSELF. The HOLY SPIRIT convicted him of his sin and need for a Saviour. That day KBG was set free from the bondage of sin and Began following Christ. Yes struggles followed After taking on the narrow road following JESUS before he met some strong Christian friends who build him up thanks to Blantyre Baptist Church. 

Pouring out his experiences of being a christian in his songs he became noted as an emcee full of energy with banging beats that have impacting messages. 

Before working with heartcore music KB has released a couple of tracks including "Yesu khristu ndi nyatwa", the classic beat that came out of his underground album "fight the good fight" based on Ephesians 6. Still working on new releases KBG is still persuing His passion to proclaim Christ in his songs inorder to reach to his felow youths who can also be transformed by the Power of the Gospel...(Romans 1:16). If it happened to Him it can also happen to you

God uses the foolish things of this world like hip hop to reach the wise,, "HE IS GOD".

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Mowa - Feat. Pro Gain & Sobre

Mowa - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 5MB

From Malawi

From Malawi - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 5.61MB

Leggo Ma Sobo (remix) feat. Dhali Beats

Leggo Ma Sobo (remix) - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 3.86MB

Kapu ina Ya Sobo feat. Jeremiah, O'dala, P Stryk, Dhali_Beats & Samuel

Kapu Ina Ya Sobo - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 5.12MB

Leggo Ma Sobo feat. Liwu & David

Leggo Ma Sobo - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.93MB

Red, Black and Green

Red, Black and Green - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.96MB

Jah Jah ft. David Kalilani & Samuel

Jah Jah - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 5.92MB

Amazing Grace ft. David Kalilani & Lawi

Amazing Grace - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 5.96MB

Artist's Mixtape

Songs from KBG's discography.

TMC (Tradi Meets Chikoloboi)

Artist's Songs

Songs from KBG's discography.

Proud To Be African

#P2BA This Is Home ft. Tio, 2Lane, Mag44, KBG

#P2BA This Is Home - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.66MB

Ndi Yahweh

Ndi Yahweh - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 6.98MB

Africa Unite - Kip Liftin Him Up

Africa Unite - Kip Liftin Him Up - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 5.13MB

Got The Word

Got The Word - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 5.33MB

Mwazi Ndasamba

Mwazi Ndasamba - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.71MB

Nthawi Ya Mvula

Nthawi Ya Mvula ft. Lawi - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.70MB

Nyali Music

Nyali Music ft. Samuel & Yung B - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.96MB

Put Em High

Put Em High- Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.18MB

Yesu Ndi Nyatwa

Yesu Ndi Nyatwa - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 3.33MB

Zero To Hero

Zero To Hero - Play/Download .mp3 -----> Download .zip - 4.08MB