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Magnum44, Tio, Pompi, Abel Chungu.

A prophetic word, when christians stand up and unite and call out to God... He hears our cry, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." #teamUnitiy, the moment these artists, producers, video directors, crews, and everyone who stood behind the Zambian football team in prayer and support got together in unity and spoke faith in the Zambian team, God heard our cry and saw our unity and where we gathered there He was. #teamUnitingAfrica. This video and song are a sign of the faith we have in our God who has used music and this years Africa Cup to unite the country of Zambia and Africa.

Check this video our and support the movement of #teamUnitingAfrica... and a big shout out Ground Xero and MT Productions for a job well done on the video. Aweeeeeeesoooooommmmmmme... It's retunes:)

New Single Chipolopolo Africa

Lotahouse: Magnum44, Tio, Pompi, Chungu.

Many of you may not have seen this coming, well we didn't lol... It took a while to digest the awesomeness of what our ears where hearing and what our minds were But we managed to get back to reality after a while:) Well this is what happened, we recieved, all the way from Lota House, a single with all newly signed artists (Tio, Magnum44 and Chungu) along side Pompi. Well this track is not your ordinary track, something we were not expecting... The track we were about to hear was,,, ahhhhhhhhh will just let you hear it for your self, if you wana know what its

All we can say is It's retunes, and when we excited about something then you just have to get excited too. The track is a combination of annointed and talented rappers singing about a subject 90% of the world loves, the artist deliver the song so perfectly and make it seem like the did it effortlessly. Big shout out and MadLove to the Lota House roster for a much needed track...

Hey everyone, it's retunes and this track is a MUST HAVE... let's get it.

Chipolopolo Africa Song

Lotahouse: Mag44, Tio, Pompi, Chungu.

Chipolopolo Africa

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