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Lusaka, Zambia.

Bornface Alton Mwanza also known as Bish Divine Tribe is a young Christian man of Zambian descent, at the age of 29, Bish has already achieved so much in his Christian walk, not only as a gospel artist and song writer but also as a youth leader.

The artist's profound ministry has touched the lives of many. The first time people heard of Bish Divine Tribe was in 2004 when he founded and actively performed in a singing group of 3 men called Divine Tribe, the group released hit after hit and were soon known all over the country for their upbeat genre of gospel music and most importantly their young age at the time which was an encouragement to all young people to stand strong in their Christian faith and join ministry regardless of their age. Bish Divine Tribe's passion for young people did not end there; he went on to take an active role in youth ministry as one of the youth leaders at Northmead Assembly of God Church in Lusaka. The artist also worked with other artists on and off records and continues to let his light shine.

Most recently, Bish Divine Tribe founded a movement on social media popularly known as I can see my elevation, this movement was and is an encouragement to people of all age's to speak positively into their lives. The movement shook social media as different people posted pictures of themselves with the caption #icanseemyelevation.

It is more than evident that this young man is a true and dedicated soldier in the army of God. He continues to be an inspiration to many due to his profound ways of ministry and friendly personality; needless to say the sky is not the limit for Bish Divine Tribe.

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