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Chabala Chipoya, born and raised in Ndola and Lusaka is an artist that goes by the name 2.O, which symbolizes and upgrade from and empty life of sin and regret to a meaningful life in Christ Jesus hence the name 2.O. Growing up he was largely surrounded by music lovers which built his love for music.

At the age of 12 hip hop got the most of his attention and he was influenced by this new sound. As time went on he began to rap, influenced by the likes of Eminem and 50 cent.

He found his love for Christ in the 10th grade that totally changed his life. He then dedicated his life to do the Lords work in whichever means possible. 2.O later discovered gospel Hip Hop which re ignited his love for hip hop music. Under division plus and influenced by the Genesis crew, Stone, Trip Lee etc, he decided to show his love for music and God through this way and has been spitting bars for God ever since.

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Devil Get Off Me

Devil Get Off Me

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